Camping @ Hendy Woods (Hillbillies & Hippies)

See the Mistake? Apperantly you’re a hillbilly if you can’t.

This post is a week overdue lovelies, sorry about that. Well part two of the California trip was fun. Down and dirty fun not the classy kind of fun that happened during part 1. We camped down the road from weed-town (and not the dandelion kind) but all we could smell was campfire smoke and vineyards. It was a gorgeous ride up, but I was a car bum and procrastinated taking pictures for the ride home. Ha, the ride home was horribly foggy and I was horribly sad. Well here’s what happened before that.

Hendy Woods is known for the notorious Hendy Hermit who was said to live, well here:

I was telling my mom that campsite camping is just like living in a neighborhood, just without the soundproof walls. Every loud voice, cry, shout, and native american war cry is heard by EVERYONE! Especially your next-door neighbors. We had three somehow. One of which was a group of young people who didn’t seem to know that quiet-time started at 10. We’re sure alchahol had something to do with the volume oh and they had a beagle. Ever heard a beagle try to bark/howl? Ugshhhudder.  The other two neighbors played battle of the guitars we observed. One cool dad would play some Coldplay, the other would pull out a campfire favorite and back and forth when the other went quiet. It was really nice accompaniment to breakfast, lunch… dinner.

There’s this awesome little swimming hole that runs off from the Navaro river. We hike down there from off the road and Bob Marley’s blasting. Should’a known.

Tadpoles! This was a pretty sweet highlight of the trip. And this trip was a highlight of my life. Why? I’ve been so swarmed with school and the world and human stuff it was invigorating to leave it all for… well clean air. Coming back I cared less about how my hair looked but appreciated that it was clean at all. I hold a respect for the Hendy Hermit. Maybe he lived by something we’ve all forgotten. That we are made of nature so why not embrace it? Hm, NOW look who’s sounding like a hippie?


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