Graduation in the Desert

So this would be part one of my (cheater) west coast tour. Two missions to complete. One down, one to go, both on opposite ends of cali. Well, not quite.

norcal socal
Not exactly the full-coastal route…

Mission one was in fuchsia. Go to socal, (the desert), attend a graduation and return home in one peice. Mission two has yet to be completed, but will be blogged about at a later date. I’m blogging now somewhere in the middle chugging gatorade. (Halftime)

Yes, we’re getting to the graduation in the desert. My cousin actually, you could call her my role model.  Also it was my first graduation, and it was LONG! Plenty ‘o time to snap some shots of juvial almost-adults in gowns. Here’s the story:

high school graduation
Saving seats…

A two for one sale?

Pomp and Circumstance!

A Glee version of the National Anthem.
AAAAAAAnd keep freaking out!
Receiving Empty Diploma Cases
Fanatic Family Membs were halarious (Not that I belonged to one)
Joshua Trees… NOW we’re in the desert!

It was amazing. Seeing the fam, sitting with the fam, and taking pics of a very important fam member strutting her stuff as best one can in a gown. Love you M! Enjoy your new adulthood! I just hope that I’m soon to follow :)