It came. IT CAME!!!!!

I am typing on a mac.

It came. It Came. IT CAME! Actually it came two days ago. The story?

You already know the torturous part, waiting waiting waiting for the dang UPS truck. Then suddenly, an engine, rumblier than all the rest, pulled up across the street. A plump-bellied man in a brown jump-suit hopped out and walked to the back, opened the doors, and pulled out a brown box. I had been frozen because my  heart had fainted, but then it sat up in my chest cavity and screamed, “RUN TO THE DOOR YOU FOOL!” I flew instead. Throwing open the door, plump-belly stood on the thresh with his knuckles in knocking-position. He retracted his fist to pull out a massive palm-pilot and hanging from it was a plastic pen.

Oh, gotta sign.”

I grabbed the pen, scribbled something curly and un-legible on the screen, took the box, smiled and “thank-you”d, and closed the door. I ran to my room, I flew like a flash (grabbing scissors along the way) and carefully destroyed the barrier between me and about a thousand hours of babysitting.

Apple Inc., Cupertino California

Oh happy day. Throwing aside manuals, screen wipes, and apple stickers, I reached the last of the packaging. A clear plastic bag held my beloved silver mass of tech adorned with the fruit that may have caused man mortality. The Apple, complete with Eve’s bite. I plugged it in and watched it, as its life blood of electricity flowed into it’s system.

Well, anyway, I’m not bragging. Please believe that I’m not. I’m simply telling you dear reader why I’ll be blogging a lot more. With this new tool I believe God helped me to earn, I can have my own space for sharing thoughts, testimonies and stories as well as pictures. It’s a tool, but with it I have also realized the importance of human interaction (strangely enough). In order to exercise this power correctly, I have to be a good person and get some righteous blogging material.

(First PhotoBooth pic)





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