Ya ever have that? Where you’ve been waiting for something for so long that the day it’s supposed to come you drive yourself a teaspoon insane? It doesn’t help that you got out of school early so you have extra time to let your insanity cook. You re-check your e-mail making absolutley CERTAIN that UPS got it right today and you camp out by a window facing the door, or you tape a mirror to the wall so you can see the brown-suited man at an angle as he walks to your door (without looking like a window-peeping creeper).

You ever doubt yourself? You’ve envisioned that white box with the silver apple millions of times to the point where you de-sensythize… believing it’s jst a dream. But SUDDENLY down the street through your slightly open window you hear the chug of a large vehicular engine that could be the UPS TRUCK!!! You race to the window, you fly like a flash to see… It’s only a passing minivan. Dissapointment weighs your heart down. Mom on errands calls, “Did it come yet?”
Monkey brothers stampede in from school, “Did it come yet?!”


You try reading Anne of Windy Poplars, but become bored with lack of technology in setting. You pull out your iPod and blog about your feelings for what you hope is the last time.


Ice Cream Truck.


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