Dog Days and Dog-Toys

Block schedule.

Monday = 1-2-3-4-5-6-7

Tuesday = periods 1-2-3-7

Wednesday = 4-5-6

Thursday = 1-2-3-7

Friday = 4-5-6

Mondays are the demon of the week while fridays are gloriously blissful. Today is a Monday.

I turned in a essay filled with dry quotes and support of my theis. Reviewed the “Johnny Eats a Cheesburger… where does it go?” essay in Biology. Checked e-mail relentlessly during break… trying to purchase a new toy for a proxy discount. Reviewed for quiz tomorrow in Geometry and did the next lesson (that won’t be on the quiz). Disccussed surfing and watched a wipeout video in World Geo. Typed relentlessy and anti-socially at lunch as I sunburned my knees sitting on quad steps with chatty friends. NEW TOY WILL BE HERE NEXT WEEK!!! Read, “Peor Anna” in Spanish 1 (unintentionally halarious) when translated. “Anna’s dad would not give her money… Anna’s mom yells at her to eat more bannanas… poor Anna.” Talked in Art about catastrophic experiences. Ran two laps in Athletic P.E. Crappy time.

I walked back to Dad’s class mopy, like a Bassett hound. I’m dog-tired and this has been a dog- kind of a -day.

Sometimes we’ve got to suck it up and do hard things. I’ve got to stay here in dad’s class until volleyball practice at 7. I left the house at 5:45. I really don’t want to stay.

But then that liiiiitle itty bitty angel on your shoulder gives you a little slap.

“Suck. It. Up.”

“But I’m REALLY tired and I’ve a ton of homework and club’s almost over…”

“Suck. It Up.”

“Do I have to??? :(”

“Suck. It. Up.”


(Toys are in the mail so all will be exciting again soon)


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