Study Habits! (yeah right.)


Studying for Bio Test tomorrow.

Study/ Procrastination Habits Include:
•Commuting home.
•Not grabbing a snack.
•Making study area comfy (I’m supposed to be there a while.)
•Opening Bio binder and stare at study guide for two minutes
•Stretching and figure it’s time for break
•Reading latest addiction, “Anne of Windy Poplars”… Write down quotes on bookmark, “My very soul has wings!” -Anne
•Leaving for an impromptu family dinner at Aqui in basketball shorts
•Convince sobbing brother that “trying new things isn’t always bad!”
•Fro-yo for dessert… Yogurt-hating brother fills his cup; sisterly success!
•Pet Store pit stop, grab the pigs bedding and let “Grandpa” splurge on an edible tiki hut for his piggy grandbabies HAHA
• Come home, clean pig cage (NEW RECORD: 7min!!!)
• Hot glue gun the thatched roof on tiki house to prevent edible destruction
• Admire cuteness


• re- assume studying position
• Kryptonite stare……………..
• blog


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