The Buttons?

“Another blog housekeeping chore, explaining one’s modifications to her audience…” -SydneyJoTo

After questing minutes upon minutes on Google for a simple “How-To” on buttons… I found it. An adorable mommy-blog, with the theme of Chickens (of which I’ve lost the name) and pink polka-dots it seems. Well anyway, it was great find and obviously it worked. Shall I explain the product?

(Now pulling up my blog in another tab… a vain habit I know.)


Buttons are ways of self-expression, like posters and magazine clippings in a High School Locker expressing your sixteen-year-olds interests. Mine are still a work in progress but here’s a quick explanation of each so far. [Post WILL BE subject to change :]

1) Mine. Took about two hours you should know. My background is one of my favorite pictures in iPhoto and I would not deprive my button from it. Simple. Cute. -aw thanks! (Share on your bloggie if you agree!)

2) Mormon(dot)org, because it’s the religion that brings me closest to God.

3) A Beautiful Mess. Hey what can I say, I’m a fifteen-year-old romanticist! Cute+Messes= xD

4) Do Something. This poster hung in my Jr. High locker room last year, and had been for about four years prior. My two sweet P.E. teachers (who I worked for as an aid) encouraged this program to the extent of extra credit… in the form of um, NOT RUNNING. So there’s a little extra love I’ve got for this site.

5) Toms. Adorable shoes. I’m on my second pair, which means I’ve helped my second African child not get blisters and prevented the contraction of two cases of disease. I’ve probably babysat kids the same age.

6)+ …many Many MANY more to come.

They’re just pixels on a screen if you don’t click on one. Comment your favorite causes! I love a good cause.


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