Nutella: the Leading Cause of Epiphanies

At the moment, I’m munching pretzels loaded with Nutella at the family iMac. Around me scurry thirteen 5-year-olds, squealing as they transition from playtime to story-time. Tough life guys. And yes, this is how I spend my overdue spring breaks… letting my mom’s bite-sized pupils dance circles around me.

As I’m licking the product of the Gods off my fingers, an epiphany jumps into my head like a Leprechaun on “So You Think You Can Jig?”.

Guys I’m starting fresh again. The topic scope at the moment on SydneyJoTo stretches 3/4ths around the world. (Shrink-y-dink sound effect!) My focus now is on being a good fifteen-year-old. What’s it like trying to be a good christian kid in 2012?

Favorite Music, Videos, Causes, Art, and Pictures of my life as it flies by… all the things we teens live for are my pinpoint. The only difference is I’m taking the time to write about it.

AH! This sounds so serious and straightforward! Awh HEECK no. You should know that I’ve now devoted myself to nunnery. I killed my Facebook. (GASP! from the crowd) Yes, ’tis true. But I’ve learned Nuns are evil and don’t laugh, so I’m quitting soon. When I do, I’ll be back with something halarious.

Until then, Zay Zay can take my place.



I love him… but not as much as these bad boys.

Oh mama.

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