I used to know you… but not anymore!

Vague, vague title I’ve got there. I don’t have a somebody that I used know, because I never stop knowing the people I’ve met. All of the strangers, friends, old acquaintances are tied into my past, which is me. So how can I not know someone anymore? Maybe I’m too forgiving and gullible. And I haven’t fallen in love yet. Siiiiiigh.

Easter sunday was filled with sun and laughter, whereas the days leading up to it and following were filled with wet winds and dark skies. Typical Mother Nature. Family and friends of friends gathered in Petaluma to soak in some sun and sugar. (We overdosed on both.)

We were introduced to another YouTube Hall’o Famer by a cool-cat cousin,RubyJoTo. (Same middle and last name as yours truly, yes.)

One “example of choosing not to know someone” that has somethingĀ to do with another cousin:

“You Gold Rush snoots who couldn’t see my potential, I’m only stronger now thanks to you! You’re loss. ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ would LOVE to have me. Now you’re just somebody that I used to know!”


Now YOU! Reference yourself to someone or something you used to know. Watch the video while you’re thinking about it, and It’ll be even more meaningful.


Now. Tell me you wouldn’t sneak into the Adult Egg Hunt to win one’a these bad boys:

mmmHM. That’s what I thought.


3 thoughts on “I used to know you… but not anymore!”

  1. Very well said. As you get older, you will understand the importance of moving on from people. Sometimes it just happens and sometimes you have too. What a great writer you are! I’m very proud of you. Thanks for the support with my let down. Sometimes the best thing in life is “the climb” rather than the outcome… If that makes sense. Love ya Syd


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