Dear Modern Day Teenagers of 2012

Meet Carley, if you haven’t yet already. I just wanna tell her thanks for getting it, when so many adults don’t. So thanks Carley!

The Renegade Rulebook

Dear Modern Day Teenagers of 2012,

Listen up. I made it through, and so will you. I have a few matters I’d like to discuss with you, but it is out of respect and compassion that I am bringing these matters to the surface. I will deliver this “tough love” with all the sincerity, understanding, and honesty I can muster. I will try to be gentle when I can, I will always be kind, but I will never lie to you. I am here because I was once one of you. I feel you. I get it.  I wish somebody on the outside had taken the time to sit down with me and explain some of these things to me. We have a few issues to discuss. Have a seat.

First of all, unclench. I’m not your principal, your guidance counselor, or either of your parents. I bet it feels…

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