Music and Musings.

Headphones are in. Pandora is blaring. Spanish homework is confusing. I am now procrastinating.

“Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father, run for your children and your sisters and your brothers…”

Florence how you make my heart skip to the beat… but it’s not my heart. Somewhere in the back of my neck is where I feel that ba-Boom.

“The dog days are over, the dog days are done, the horses are coming, so YOU better run!”

Let’s look up Dog Days. According to Urban Dictionary they’re either “the hottest days of August; name is taken from the Great Dog (Canis Major) constellation and one of its stars: Sirius (which is brightest star of summer sky)…” or  “a time in the summer where it is so hot or humid that the dogs go crazy by barking or howling.” – I like the second one and I knew you were curious.

Studying for spanish online and thinking about nice things. (Helena Beat- Foster the People on now) Like how this week’s been one of those “Once I get these three hard things over with this week… I’m home free baby!”

•Two volleyball practices

•Geometry quiz

•Spanish Test


The relaxing and happy events of the weekend await!

– including a PacSun stop con mis amigas! (<—– APPLICATION!!!!!!)

Anyways here are some dusty and fresh epiphanies archived in my phone; saved for an afternoon such as this. My brain’s done being smart.

Kelly Clarkson- Stronger blasting in the car at an intersection, a homeless man smiling at no one as he ambles past our car.

Ever feel like a song should play on the world-wide speaker, and everyone should stop, get out of their cars and fist pump the air with you?


“What doesn’t kill you makes you STRONGER stand a little TALLER doesn’t mean I’m LONELY when I’m alone…”

Another one.

Um, not sure why this is in my cellular but the 8-year old inside of me still giggles at it.

Brother- “You smell like a hot toilet.”

Sister -“Well you smell like underarm and bootycrack.”

… was this a quote from real life? I certainly hope so.

More mindless humor like Mr. Bean on a roller-coaster by himself. (HEY! I called it!)

Ah… Okay an hour ’till practice. I must tear myself away and hit publish.

I hope you delighted in my rambling! ;;;;;;;;)

Okay time to get back to life.


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