Hunger Games.

You know what it is and what it’s about because the whole world has taken the time to tell you the whole story. Katniss in district 13, eating squirrels because there’s nothing else… (Yet somehow she can afford that stylish leather jacket?) Well it whups Twilight big time. Don’t get me wrong, Bells and Edwardo are cool, but tree climbing with a bow and arrow without having to drain a deer of it’s crimson life juice for energy is pretty sick. Katniss can live on apple juice.

I think Hunger Games changed my life. Yes. I think I sleep better knowing Wash D.C. isn’t filled with neon, pale-faced, Elizabethan clowns and loony jackals with too much time to get fancy with the facial hair.

Going hiking suddenly sounds like a good idea, because I know now how to sleep in a tree if I get lost and need to spend a night in the woods.

Oh and braids are hot now. Exceptionally. Hot.

“Edward or Jacob?”- is like asking…

“Bat or muscular wolf?”

Gale or Peeta?”- is asking…

“Tall+ dark+handsome or Sweet+ brave+strapping?”

A more even playing ground.

Hunger Games Peeta Gale Hot guys

EXCEPT Gale is a silent, sullen and jealous for most of the movie (Guy on left)

while Peeta is running around in the forest with Katniss, faithful as a puppy. (Guy on right)

Watch Hunger Games. ASAP. I promise you’ll have the strange urge to camp out in a cave.


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