15 years of Inexperience

15. Fifteen. Fif•Teen. Yeupp. Sounds old to me. Heck I remember being five. I had a “Bear in the Big Blue House” party. Today, my party was in English, Biology, and at lunch with tree dandruff raining down on the birthday brownies. (Baked with love and sprinkled with friendship btw) Raise the Roof. Is this how you get old? Eh, no matter…

This weekend we went to Truckee to build some endangered snowmen. (An inside joke to Californians) We simply had to ski in “God’s Dandruff”(a Tylerism). Well sometime during that day trip I took a wrong turn and ended up stranded on a black diamond, and had to trudge down it on foot… dragging my skiies, scowling at passing third generation hippie snowboarders.

Eventually the steep slope let up and gave me a generously merciful coast down the rest of the mountain.

Thank. Heaven.

Life is a black diamond. absolutely impossible to simply coast down at first, until you get the hang of it, or life becomes generously merciful. Whichever comes first. It takes guts with a good gargling and gulp-down of pride to get where you want to go, plus some ridiculously awesome friends that are willing to capture Unicorns for you.

Inside jokes are beautiful my friends.

And that’s what I’ve learned during my 15 years of inexperience.

Now it’s off to my quinceanera! (;


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