America’s Youth: Famous and Not

America’s youth has not gone down the drain. Put a sock in it Wall-Street.

You want an accurate report on how America’s Young-un’s are fairing? Take a look at Hollywood. Because America’s youth follows Hollywood like a love-sick puppy dog.

Generally speaking, we follow fashions, whether they be innocent or Lady Gaga-ish. Actually not generally… we do. One day I’ll go further in depth on that gold-mine of a post but for now, here’s a video. Of some Hollywood Teens that many normal teens love. Most originated from Disney Channel, the heartstrings of my generation. Cute, simple and purely innocent. Funny, this video doesn’t make me wish I was them. It makes me want to call up some friends… and make some new ones.

(BTW, Jonas Brothers: Your Pro-Abstinence glory post is in the works!)

Enjoy dear reader, enjoy.




Soon, very soon I will be blogging from one a’these babies.

Owh yeeea. Let the angels sing and let me move out of my parents computer.

I smell change. Some philosophy AND visual juicy goodness? Let’s mix the two and give you something nobody, not even Steven Tyler has seen.

Stay dehydrated my friends.


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