Grandma-safe liberty.

Take a chance. Now. Today. Of finding giddy liberty by breaking the rules set by boring people. You are not boring, and taking chances is healthy. Who doesn’t want to be healthy? Do it, now. Safely of course, don’t choose an activity your grandma couldn’t do without a helmet.

Actually, I realize what I’m talking about. I’m NOT talking about skydiving on a whim or jumping in the carpool lane by yourself. Not those kinds of chances. Break the rules you set for yourself normally; flex YOUR comfort zone. Talk to that person you’ve shimmied away from before, tell someone about your religion, do a selfless service, make a plan and go on an adventure with your senior buddy.

Find liberty in something fun.

It’s called character building, his flexing and growing of comfort levels.
I know this because the biggest characters I know have taken the most chances. This kind of chance. They’re friendly and go hiking a lot (Remember they’re healthy?)… and that’s really cool. I wanna be a character, just like my Grandma! She’s a cool Grandma.

chance taking master and student

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