Cough Drops aren’t Chocolates

Heck yes. Single awareness day, booh-yeah BABY! To top off the red velvet cupcake, a mild cold would do nicely. A stuffy nose a couple migranes… eh! No big. Single and sick, that’s how I like my Feb 14th.

Today was preschool while I stayed home from the “festivities”. The cutie pies all waddle inside, wearing red and pink hearts. I’m isolated in my chick cave and in the hall a four-year-old, “Is that your hunney?” … I hear her pointing at my parent’s wedding picture in the hall. I hear my mom chuckle beside her. This four-year-old gets it.

I’m in my room on Stumbleupon and Etsy… looking at vintage valentine’s day crafts. Red, lace, glitter, hipsters… more Instagram. Cherry soda sounds delicious right now.

Stumble again and here’s a glee valentine music video. Of course.

I just fell in love with dreads :}

(Okay not really ’cause I’m not allowed to fall in love for like four more years.)

Hm. Teenagers… pouring their hearts out in song… on tabletops with spontaneous choreography. Sounds familiar.


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