These Small Hours

Savour it. Your time here and now. Why? Because hours are small… nicely worded by Rob Thomas in Meet the Robinsons. That’s a wonderful movie :) When you talk about time travel and changing fate, your audience knows this is just a storyline in some fantasy. But savoring the small moments; that’s real. And changing your fate, if you believe in such a thing, can happen. Have you ever made a choice, that you only made because you knew you would naturally pick the alternative? Have you ever made a choice just to spite yourself? And you felt a change in the wind, as if you had just changed your fate? My hopes are that the choice you made was the better, more promising choice, and not the degrading one. An example of a fate-changing choice: An alcoholic choosing not to buy a six-pack, simply because he knows the natural man inside of him WOULD buy it normally. The small moments, milliseconds where we decide NO or YES, whether it be smiling to a stranger, slowing down at the yellow light, or not back-sassing (In my case) have enormous effects, that I believe stretch into the eternities. Meet the Robinsons is an extremely well-written movie, that simply exaggerates the effects of small moments on people and how many lives you can affect by doing the right or wrong thing. Growing up, and being old enough now to realize how fast I’m growing up, I want to savour this before it’s too late. See? If I hadn’t thought about this and had this realization, for the rest of my life I might have just ran along letting life whiz by, and been the cranky old lady on your street who throws eggs at kids, living in regret and denial.

“This shall be but a small moment in time”… A phrase from the Doctrine and Covenants that rings in my head when the going gets tough. Whether you’re clinging to the edge of the Grand Canyon, or giving birth, each and every moment, whether it’s in a wonderful situation or a drastic, is small. Puny, compared to the plan I believe God has set out for us. I know that there is so much for us past the grave, regardless of what you have chosen to do with your small moments.

Our time is short here, and you know that. So then don’t waste your small moments being angry!

I know that God has promised those who change their fates for the better, and don’t waste time, and put off the natural man, can have even greater joy in this life and in the lives to come.

So please my faithful readers, watch meet the Robinsons… It’s a good movie :) Then check out, it’s a good website.


Augh! There’s an awesome mormonad for this!!! Once I can get YouTube and WordPress to like each other, I’ll put that up. “Moments That Matter” in case your overly curious, NO it’s not the Corbin Bleu song!

3 thoughts on “These Small Hours”

  1. Good topic Syd. Sounds like you might enjoy a book on this subject. “The Tipping Point”: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference is a book by Malcolm Gladwell that many have said changed their lives. Love you. GPa


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