Epic Crabbing Adventures.


This is a post about a beautiful adventure with beautiful pictures. Not so many words… Forgive me? It’s also a journal entry of my first epic adventure of 2012, which took place (on/in?) Tomales bay on a motorboat I call Little Luno. My co-adventurers? Dad and his dad, my awesome adventure-seeking Grandpa. Our quest? To get crab, and lots of ’em. Equipped with eight traps and a bucket of nasty meat (Grandpa’s “Secret recipe”) we set off.

For all you my faithful readers, I apologize for pictures being rare on this blog, but today you’re getting your fix. All I’ll do is commentate.

Secret recipe? Ha ha think not, this is just a shmiggy of it.

Motor-homers can camp out while crabbing, if you’re hardcore enough.

Again, expert steersman Grandpa starting off… quite the bicep workout if you ask me

HA! My Uncles advice, you’re crab luck comes by petting the lucky feather.

We forgot to pet the feather.

Celebrity homes perhaps? I hear George Lucas has a place in the vicinity…

The smart crabbers out with their one-liners… but we’re the daring ones.

Pulling up for a pit stop


Welcoming committee was pretty grouchy, seemed to bark at all passerby’s.

A map of the Tomales: $23

We pretty much parked at the bottom and traveled up and down all day.

Cozy little bait shop, trophy fish pics and their proud sunburned fishermen

beaming at the camera.

Figured instead of putting our faces IN the holes we’d get a scenic shot of the whole thing.

We made our way to the dock, “This is where we say a lot of ‘How’s it goin?’s” -Gpa

Just scoping the scene.

I love the perspective here, our three shadows and a little girl waiting for her parents to pull up something good for dinner. The people here are experts and it was neat witnessing them do their thang.

Siblings, Aw how cute :]


Blonde moment: I thought this meant the dock we were walking on.

Gorgeous water #1

Gorgeous water #2

(sorta) Gorgeous water #3

Visiting the locals

The most adorable stares I’ve ever received.

ELK!!! (Of course dad flips out)

How to pull in a crab trap, (Pretty self-explanatory)

FOR THE RECORD: The only dungeness we caught that day was in that trap.

Lunch Break: Little Luno :]

The tide swells so quickly here, there’s no need for tide pools.

It’s pretty much a living beach.

Discovered this little dude squirming around, attempted to help out,

I picked him up with seaweed… string and plopped him to freedom.

He gave us a “good riddance” ink jet and disappeared

Grandpa found a trail that led to a creepy little… picnic area?

Someone liked Tarzan.

Found this in somewhat of a random area, but it was a sweet little mini memoir all the same.

A view looking back, and most of that greenery is poison oak/ivy. This is where Grandpa informed us, “Ya know, there’s probably a big mountain cat about half a mile a way… and probably a bear in two.” I freaked and headed back to the boat, “Okay, time to go now!”

And then sweet Grandpa, bless his heart, let his granddaughter take the wheel, stick, motor-thing

Epic I know :)

And yes, it’s more complicated than it looks.

OH! Best part! While I’M driving my dad decides to feed the gulls (aka sea rats)  the extra bait we’re not using. So they FOLLOW US in a SWARM just waiting for us to empty the next trap fill of old bait. My dad’s just laughing at how they can catch food in the air while I’m trying to see past the flurry of feathers as they’re practically DIVE BOMBING the boat!

Thanks dad.

CHICKEN MEAT too! How wrong is that?!

Sea Rats.

This is where the slide show ends. After evading the feathered greedy-poos we made it to shore. We came home with six mean red rock crab and one dungeness. Although the meat’s not deserving of mayo, they’re still going to make for amazing crab cakes.

With our sad catch, I think the sun warmed the bay and cleared the sky out of pity for us. It’s January for Betsy’s sake!!! Instead of the rain and fog we expected, the weather made for beautiful pictures I hope you enjoyed. Well it’s off to the cupboard with me now before my dad yanks the laptop away but on a final note,

It’s days like these when beauty clears my mind, that it’s easy to think about Jesus. (Before the sea rats) More than once that day I imagined what it would have been like to be Peter on that fishing boat, looking up from my net of flopping fish and seeing my best friend and master walking across the swells towards me. I felt him close that day, and I feel ready to start the new year with this beautiful adventure under my belt. And that’s all…


3 thoughts on “Epic Crabbing Adventures.”

  1. Great job of capturing the beauty and fun of our day Sydney. I loved going crabbin’ with you and look forward to our next adventure. The only part you forgot was who slept while the others cooked and cleaned our catch. Love you. GPa


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