The Season of Happy

This is what happens when I’m on a sugar high and my pondering juices are flowing, the result is unorganized and random; sometimes funny. Enjoy!

For the last two weeks it’s either been “Happy Christmas!” (In England) or “Happy New Years!”

So what’s with all the Happy?

Happy, meaning that these have been the two happiest weeks of the year! (Ignoring the fact that it’s 2012 now.)

‘Cmon it’s common sweet knowledge! Ever since Kindergarten the same anticipation awaits the third week of December. A little kid shudders with glee at the thought of Santa, presents, and candy galore. The 25th eventually arrives and they’ll toss and turn all night with glee, straining in the dark to hear that distant HO HO HO, (Or the Polar Express). Words can’t express the euphoria of christmas morning to a small child. So I’ll just skip that description and let you ponder you’re own memories.

happy, Happy, HAPPY!

The “Christmas Hangover” on the 27th, leaves small children to play with their happy new treasures and adults to check finances then happily hitting the treadmill.  We descend from the climax of Christmas, go on a hike and eat sugar cookies (Contradictory I know). Dry douglas firs are thrown to the curb and lights are wrapped in a “Griswold Ball” and stuffed in the attic with all the other Christmas frippery. We vacuum our houses and get Martinelli’s on sale at Lucky. We’re still happy. Muy feliz.

New Years comes… with hardly a climax as high as Jesus’ Birthday, but keeps the spirit happy all the same as long as we’re still on vacation. Why do we say “Happy New Years”? Simply, we’re too lazy to say “Have a Happy New Year”. Plus, it’s uncomfortably sincere to tell  a stranger, “I hope you have a Happy New Year!” .*Whatever happened to George Bailey’s days, when you could in fact, wish a sincere Happy New Year on a stranger? What’s the word… not chivalry… not courteousness… CIVILITY. Where’s that American Civility guys? Some people might say it’s back in the 50’s or 60’s. Now I’m not saying it’s jumped off the face of the earth, just that Civility isn’t in fashion anymore. But that’s the funny thing about fashion, and why I’m not a beauty/fashion blogger… many people don’t heed what the designers say and there are fashion Rebels. Proof? Mullets. Mullet-headed men are a rare and awesome species. Needless to say, Mullets won’t be around forever so if you have a mullet, I SALUTE YOU!

We’re all fashion rebels at heart because fashion doesn’t just cover clothes. (No pun intended) Fashion is in the way we speak and talk to people. Lingo over the years changes and so do human behaviors. Civility sadly, is one that was put on the chopping block a while ago. You fashion rebels out there who still celebrate and practice civility, I salute you especially.

WOW. Off topic much Syd? I went from childhood holiday memories to Civility on the chopping block of urban existence. Well this is why I’m writing a blog, and not a book. (Knock on wood!) May I start over?

We’ve taken “Merry Christmas” and “Happy New Year” and dulled their distinction into something that one could shout to the world aimlessly. Last night when 11:59 flicked to 12:00 I could have easily ran outside, stood in the middle of the street and shouted to the world “Happy New Year” and nobody in the neighborhood would have thought that extremely weird. If you think about it… “Happy New Year” doesn’t really make sense to someone as weirdly philosophical as I. (If this doesn’t make sense, remember it’s the sugar high talking)

“Happy New Year”. “Happy Christmas”. What are you trying to say?! It’s gonna be a happy new year? I hope that you have a happy new year? This Christmas should be a happy one?!

happy, Happy, HAPPY! 

My conclusion? We’re just so happy during this season of happiness, it would take a monkey brain to put the word “happy” in front of everything!

(Which also makes sense because people who are not happy during this season, the “Bah-Humbuggers”, hardly wish anyone a Merry Christmas! See? Monkey Brain!)

So the spirit of Happiness and Mullets, me and my sugar high wish you a Happy New Year for you and yours. Not only that it’ll be a Happy one but one of civility and uncomfortable sincerity. You should try it sometime!




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