Holiday Fears + Final Exam tears = Moxi!

Geometry Finals tomorrow. Heaven help my terrified soul.

Some lingo I picked up today from Amelia Earhart (aka Amy Adams)… “Moxi”. Well my spellchecker’s mad at me so I’m guessing “Moxi” isn’t in the dictionary, but according to Amy… ahem AMELIA  Earhart, Moxi is a synnonym for courage or a good gut for scary things. I could use some Moxi right now for two things:

1) Geometry Finals that may eat me alive tomorrow.

2) Christmas, that I realized yesterday… Is in SIX DAYS! Time didn’t just fly by, it knocked me out like the Mafia and while I was blacked out, 2011 happened.

But why am I SCARED for Christmas? Because my Biology teacher scarred me for life when she put this up on the board:






What a spirited teacher!!!

If that doesn’t make little kids pee their pants and sleep under their beds on Christmas Eve I do not know what will.

So yes. I am going to pray for Moxi tonight. And that Santa doesn’t find my house this year.

Whoops forgot about Geometery finals tomorrow! Heaven help my terrified soul! Well, nothing like procrastinating studying than a little Evil Santa!

Naughty SydneyJoTo…

Guess Santa won’t be visiting ME this year, Oh well!


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