My Walk

High School being out today, and the Elementary School being in, I was assigned the job of Photographer for my 2 brothers… who were awarded in an academic achievement assembly.  I was assigned Photographer and not my mom because she had other duties in the kindergarten class. So I sat through teachers reading off their academicly excellent students… (Which is kind of mean to everybody else if you think about it…) and got snapshots of the boys, embarrassingly making their way up to the stage. (Which was very enjoyable for me.)

that was so much fun to typeWow I suck at taking pictures.

Anyway, this isn’t even the main part of the story.

So the assembly wraps up, there’s like 500 kids all standing and talking all trying to find teachers or parents. After grinning at and thumbs-upping the boys, I squeezed my way out. Then I started for home.

Now home is a block and an overpass and a block away so I had brought my iPod and key chain.

I crank up the iPod and get my groove on. And no that doesn’t sound stupid because admit it, you’ve grooved out to your favorite jam before.

Yeah that’s what I thought.

      So I’m mouthing the words and stepping on sidewalk cracks to the beat when just up the street is the Palace.

We call it the palace because well,  you have to see it. Luckily I had busted out my mom’s fancy camera still dangling on my shoulder from the assembly.

This… odd mansion is right in between two completely normal houses. Augh! And I didn’t even capture the weirdest parts!

On those white rocks at the bottom and on the far gate (You can sort of see it) are these metal, Middle Eastern symbols… not sure what language, but we think it’s Arabic. But I don’t get it! What would you possibly want to write on your front lawn! “Long Live America”?! Well I hope one day I’ll find out because this curiosity is KILLING ME!

On the top right corner where the house got cut off, there are two fat security cameras… big enough to hold an armed weapon inside. They were turned the other way which is why I took the picture from this angle, just to be on the safe side (HAHA literally!!!)

And what’s even funnier is that  when I took this picture, an older couple was walking their dog and gave me a weird look.

I so wished I had a fake FBI badge on me to flash at them. Then with a grave look I would have said “You didn’t see anything.” And jumped into the bush.

Sigh. But I didn’t have that badge… But now I am very temped to make one today and have it for just in case.

So ignoring the couple, I put the camera away and started off again. The overpass starts just around the corner… so I said goodbye to this neighborhood, not knowing when I would see it again. (HA! watch, I’ll be back like next week.)

(Sorry guys I know it’s a lot of alphabet to read but I promise the story gets  good.)

I made my way to the peak of the overpass and took in the view and the gorgeous December sky today.

It’s not exactly National Geographic worthy, but it’s a nice perspective.

And this one was really fun to take between cars passing. Talk about distracted drivers. There were about 5 I had to wait to pass in front before I could pull the trigger, I MEAN push the button.

I don’t know what these drivers thought of this teenager taking pictures on an ugly overpass.

DANG IT!!!!! I didn’t capture the actual hill!!!


(20 min later.)

Okay I’m all out of breath and my leg muscles are warm… I WENT BACK OVER THE HILL FOR YOU GUYS!

That’s right, I stopped typing… grabbed the camera, and walked back over the overpass just to get the downhill view.

Who cares if a few more people think I’m crazy?! These pictures were WORTH IT! (Especially the last one :)

Well, here you go! And you better enjoy them!

Umm… are we missing a word there sign makers?? “The” perhaps?

From 4th-6th grade I rode my bike to school with a neighbor… and we always looked

forward to the ride home because we got to fly down this…

So here’s going back up the hill, and here’s another couple of shots a lot like the first one.

iSpy with my little eye, PURPLE SUNLIGHT!

wow that’s cool.

Well I have spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME on this post, my nap is completely behind schedule.

Okay my dear readers, I hope you have an awesome day, (Hopefully as awesome as mine) and I bid you a winter adieu. :)



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