Behold my genius.

(Yes I invent a new word in this post just read…)

You know those thoughts that are constantly dropping in on your brain? You know the ones that float back, as you’re walking somewhere… Ex: “What’re they thinking of me? Can they see right through me?” These complete and utter strangers (wow almost said “udder”) that have no right to judge you… Yet you mentally allow them to do so when you assume that… THEY’RE ALREADY DOING SO?!
Hopefully that made sense… you might need to read that over again.

Well I wish I never had those thoughts. I wish nobody ever had those thoughts. It all goes back to the individuality thing… Hey maybe that’s what I was trying to bring across when I wrote that post! That, I wish humans did not posess the ability to judge, or to worry about being judged.

Some of the most outstanding humans I know have trained themselves, to dismiss being judgemental, and don’t worry about being judged…
These people aren’t afraid to laugh when nobody else got the joke. These people have no fear to be friendly to someone who needs a smile. These people obliterate their comfort zone.
These people don’t revolve their lives around one worldly matter (ex, Fashion, a social life, career, bla bla bla) But they move amd flow and take a peice of every joyful thing this world has to offer. They savour it, and do not care who else is watching. All they know, or all they’ve decided to know is that those devilish thoughts… “What’re they thinking of me? Can they see right through me?”… Don’t matter. That they are as significant as the dust they trod on.

Now these people I type of are not other worldly angels who boast perfectance. Nay nay, for they breathe among us. Many of you reading this are like this.

And all of you reading this, can be this.

I will call “this”… a Superometian.

Su•per•o•met•i•an /soup-er-oh-met-ee-ain/

Noun: Someone who overcomes fear or judgement of others, not with pride, but with self-joy.

She was a Superometian for wearing that strange skirt to school, and not worrying if others would notice.

Do you know a Superometian? Aren’t they just the funnest people to be around?! They just make you feel light and happy, and they make you jut want to smile and enjoy life.

Just to clarify, a Superometian is not perfect. To be superometian-like is to have a certain attribute about you. Like being kind, courageous, virtuous or generous. It is a trait that we see everyday… Sometimes we have it,
sometimes we don’t.

Let others catch the Superometian-itis, bring them above the fog with you. Tell them that you won’t judge them, and that will lighten their load so much.

So please, obliterate your comfort zone, and be a Superometian. And I promise others will catch on.



1 thought on “Behold my genius.”

  1. A good example of what you are describing are your 11-year old and 9 year old brothers who, in their silly moments, enjoy making us laugh. They don’t care how silly they look or behave but just enjoy the smiles and laughs.


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