A post in 15 Min.

Gtg to seminary soon but I can do this.

So… THANKSGIVING!!! We are so close guys I can almost taste… all the different kinds of heaven we will eat on thursday. But thanksgiving isn’t just about the food (No dhur SydneyJoTo!) It’s about familiy! Aww how cute, I sound like a Hallmark movie. Well I’m not being cheesy I’m being sincere. Honestly I love my family more than (7 min to go!) anything else in the world and I am just so excited for the all to get the heck down here!

How about you? Is Thanksgiving a time for celebration or a time of dread? Don’t worry about commenting I just want you to think.Well you have 2 days to prepare for the inevitable. Until then I suggest you count your blessings and listen to some Reggae. No joke those dudes know how to be greatful for what they got and will tell you don’t worry ’bout what you aint got. (Knaan is my personal favorite)

Over the break I might make a “Thankful” movie for ya’ll with the mini men … maybe win an internet movie academy award Who KNOWs? Anything’s possible at Thanksgiving!

Well… Happy Turkey Day & Toodle-Oo!!

(with 2 min to spare yEAAAAH!!)



1 thought on “A post in 15 Min.”

  1. syd ur sooo sweet! just love you, ur so right btw! ha families are the bees knees and we should be so grateful for them and everything else we have!(: ha hope you had a grand time in seminary


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