NOV 27th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um, I was just informed that on the date of Nov 27th the season PREMIER of my absolute favorite show is airing.

Leverage on TNT.

Of which I am Obsessed.

No, in Love with.

For those of you unaware people, LEVERAGE is the god of all… Good guy bad guy shows. (which is pretty much all shows)

The lowdown is pretty much thus:

5 good guys who used to be bad guys re-living the robin hood theory: “Rob from the rich and give too poor.”
These 5 heroes are called to action to defeat honchy-honcho buisness men and pulverize their dirty dealings.

It has something for everyone, comedy, drama, and things blowing up.

I repeat, OBSESSED.

Nah, just in love.

November 27th @ 8:00. TNT



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