Sophmores and Drivers Ed.

Flashback to your High School years. (Elementary works too) Remember when the teacher said those rare but beautiful words:

“You now have the rest of class time to work on homework.” ?

Oh holy sweetness! You crank out the paperwork and start scribbling away, feeling productive and intelligent…

“Yee NO Homework TONIGHT!!” you silently rejoice.

But remember those kids who had a obsession for conversation? The ones who are glued to their friends every second of the day and who are painfully ripped apart once class starts? These children don’t care if the WHOLE class can hear their conversation… they just have to talk to their buds wherher it be upcoming plans or gossip. ( The second one being a little more interesting) .

So here I am in geometry, scribbling away trying to prove triangular congruence, when out spurts the buds of a 45 minute long classroom conversation on driving.

(sophomore Girl)

“OhMAIgosh TIFFANY!! So like, I had driving school last night and I was SOOOO frikkin SCARED!” (Tiffany is on the opposite side of the room.)

Tiffany- “REAAAAAALY?? OHMAIGOSH like driving school is SooOOooOOo scarry!! Dewd I FRIK OUT when we go on FREEWAYS!!”

Macho sophmore buy juts in, “Dude. I am BEAST at freeways.”

First Girl gushes “oh REALLY? How? I get so FRIKKN SCARED like… changing lanes or whatever is sooo frikkin scary!”

By now the whole class has perked up and tuned in, including moi.

One by one, sophomores jump in and share what they’re scared of behind the wheel. (Freshman are silent with jealousy) Our sweet teacher even hops in the conversation, offering advice on braking, to the little sophomores who can barely reach the pedals.

The “class” discussion goes on for another half hour, but is interrupted by the bell. We all scramble to leave, never to continue this conversation again.

Being a freshman, and a driver’s license just around the corner (or so I like to think) I am avid about the road. I check my mom’s mirrors for her. I inform my dad when he forgets about turn signals. And I am CONSTANTLY scanning the road. After watching “the World’s Worst Drivers” in Driver’s Ed, I’m pretty sure I’m cautious for life.

You might also say I’m a jr. Driving fanatic.



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