Zumba: The new Chicken Dance


The word Zumba literally means fun and dancing in cambodian. It’s a mixture of red hot latino music, with an amazing ab rocking workout.

All it rquires is a Wii and neon yoga pants at 4 in the morning where not a soul will witness your sweet booty-shaking latino moves.

I reccomend Zumba to all reading this young and younger. (Guys too!)


If they can do it you can too!!! 

…but in three months somebody shoot me a comment and make sure the Zumba phase hasn’t died!

Off to Amazon… Zumba on Wii is mine!

Zumba may you live forever (:

ZOOM•baaaaa <3



2 thoughts on “Zumba: The new Chicken Dance”

  1. Does anyone know approxiamately the total calories the you burn off in a typical zumba session , say 7 mins. I am attempting to create a fitness program based around Zumba


  2. Me gusta, me gusta, me gusta Zumba! (But I don’t have neon work-out pants yet. Something to aspire to . . . maybe I’ll ask Santa.) I love getting in touch with my inner Shakira and shakin’ what I got. I’m bootie-bustin’ it with you in Livermore, girl.


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