Daylight savings: SAVING your day?!

1st Period English today, my teacher (in a sad attempt to wake the snoozing freshman) asked us,

“So Children, what did you do for daylight savings?!”

“Ugh… SLEEP?!”
we all thought unanimously

Waiting for the hand that would never fly up, she tried stirring the pot again.

“Well I overloaded, deciding whether I should play with the ‘creature’ (her three month old baby), or… Grade your tests, or get a semi-annual nap in… Heh heh”

It was like trying to joke with rocks.

But it got SydneyJoTo thinking…
Daylight savings? How are you “Saving” your day? Do they take all these extra hours over the years and put them in a bank somewhere? ‘Cause I wouldn’t mind a little intrest!

A little history for ya’ : Ben Franklin came up with daylight savings in 18somethingsomething: Pretty much concluding:

“Well we have this… indecisive sun. That can’t decide if it likes the dark or light better, so once a year it decides to bless us with an hour more of sleep, and torchure us six months later by taking it back. Brilliant.”

(courtsesy of National Treasure 2)

Wait. Add an hour to take it away.


Ben Franklin I hate you.



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