The Golden Rule.

                                                                                                                                              (Norman Rockwell)

Matthew 22:35

Okay so we’ve all heard the saying since kid-hood. And it’s always made sense.

But as we were discussing it at church today, in my Young Women’s class (the teen girls group) this old and familliar theory got a new twist.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

You would never bring yourself down, disrespect yourself or hurt your own feelings right?

Is it possible to hurt your own feelings?

You bet.

And how do you respect yourself? Well I respect my parents and elders by backing off, and not gettig too pushy. Right?

So “Respect” requires two people.

So I’ll use my spirit and my physical body. I can respect my body by say… Dressing decently. Where I can feel cute in what I’m wearing but still cover up. I love modesty. But that’s a whole ‘nother post (;

It’s a mormon belief that there was a war in heaven between God and his children and Satan and his followers over should inherit the earth. And we beleive that even if you are walking on this earth today, or have and ever will, that you fought on God’s side. And you fought to have a physical body.

Even if you don’t share my beliefs, it’s still a cool story. We fought a WAR for these bodies! That makes me want to treat mine like a prized posession!
Don’t you?!

And to wrap this up, because tomorrow’s Monday, I just want to exclaim to the world: WE ARE SUPPOSED TO LOVE IMPERFECT THINGS!

We love our families right? They aren’t perfect!
Our friends and neighbors?

So how come we can’t just love ourselves, just the way we are, because we aren’t “perfect”?

I swear I see these people all the time at school, they fry the hair, slather on the makeup, pull over the hood because they don’t love themselves! They desperatley try to acheive perfect, when that isn’t possible! “PERFECT” is a word that shouldn’t exist because nothing on this planet can acheive it. Not even IBM’s Watson is perfect guys!

So please, love yourself enough to be humble. And I promise you’ll find something that wasn’t there before.



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