Play’n Hookie Today!

– noun 1. unjustifiable absence from school, work, etc.

So why am I blogging about this sin against education?

1) Block Schedule. Yesterday was my core day, today’s just fluff. HALELEUIAH!

2) Dad had some daddy buisness to attend to, and got a substitute (which is always super awkward)

3) I really do think I have strep. (Again) And it always comes around a HOLIDAY!!! Examples?
Christmas 4 years ago: Tried to scream (with joy) when I got my American Girl Doll, it came out more of a squeak.
Halloween two years ago: Block Party. In my front yard. And I was on antibiotics. For 24 hours. Luckily I had a friend who sat with me and we passed out candy….. Which, now that I think about it, wasn’t too smart.
“Here kids! How bout a sore throat with that lollipop! No school tomorrow!”
Other examples of strep-itized Holidays include, easter, v-tines, memorial day weekend and others.

So pretty much, strep has reared it’s ugly head once more, even if it’s just on a small degree… (;

So I am going to hit the “Publish” button, and admit to whoever’s reading, whether they be my teachers, administrators, or peers, that YES I am playing HOOKIE! But I sort of have a serious throat condition….


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