High School is UNDERWAY!

“You send your child to the schoolmaster, but ’tis the school boys who educate him. ” Ralf Waldo Emerson

Ugh… Can I get an AMEN?! Well these few weeks have been a blur of INSANITY! Wanna know why?

So when I did have some delicious quiet time, I kept thinking about this DANG STUPID BLOG!!! So many things have been happening (good and not so good) and I want to share with you all! But that’s the problem with busy people. They tend to forget important things. This blog is a pain in the butt but so much fun to keep up! So please excuse me If my thoughts are slightly random.

So the main aspects of my life (my “tools”) that have either saved my sanity or caused insanity are :


(obviously causing insanity)

It’s a quiet fog that eats away at your brain. It makes things blurry and makes you yawn (Because yawning is a 3 second nap). You wish you had gotten more than 6 hours of sleep that night , but you know there’s nothing you can do about it now. FOCUS! The teacher just said something about theorems and postulates!!!… AGAIN!!! That relentless fog returns and you lay your head down… but it’s uncomfortable and your desk is cold and your arm isn’t a very soft pillow. Pillowwwsss… what a sweet thought. Your eyelids give up and sweet darkness closes in.

WAKE UP STUPID!!! YOU JUST MISSED SOMETHING ABOUT SPANISH VERBS!!! You snap back up and pick up your pencil like you were just  in deep thought… hoping nobody notices. But the guy next to you is smirking. You telepathically yell at him “SHUT UP I’M TIRED JERK!!!”


…are the one’s who are exhausted with you, but encourage you to study for that test at lunch anyway. The one’s you laugh with until your cheeks are sore. I can’t say enough about my genuine rubies in the desert.


It slaughters my social life, but it’s worth it. Yesterday after our JV game, I reff-ed the Varsity game with my friend who is also n JV. It’s an insane job, reff-ing (which consists of recording every serve, every point, every position, every player on one piece of paper.) And so this game just happened to be against another really good Varsity team, so the game was epic. (Of. Course)

Even though my job was supposed to be tedious and stressful, my friend and I found ourselves CHEERING OUR CHEER JUICE DRY!!!!

We were leapfrogging in points… tied, 2 ahead, 3 behind, 1 ahead, TIED, 3 ahead…..


The third game, Our team gets an amazing kill (aka ” a killer hit” that the enemy finds impossible to play off of, INSTANT POINT.)

A beautiful Kill can only be accomplished by an amazingly coordinated, flexible, agile athlete, (Which I hope to become someday!)


It was an epic, Hollywood moment and brought a couple baby tears to my eyes and I swear Angels sang.

(I know. I’m cheesy)

4) Seminary. (Sem•i•nar•y  noun: A college that prepares students to be priests, ministers, or rabbis)

… AKA early morning Mormon bible class for teenagers. Emphasis on the EARLY.

Class starts at 6:00. We walk in the double doors of our church, sleepy-eyed while the stars still sparkle, take our seats and listen to an amazingly zealous teacher talk about why Noah built the ark.

We play games (Our class of 21 kids, Freshman through sophomores  and upperclassmen are in the other room with another teacher) and are asked to memorize scriptures called “Scripture Mastery”.

So even though we don’t remember half of what we learned in seminary by noon, it’s the best way to kick off the day and it’s worth the sleep deprivation to hang with some really cool people and a really cool gospel :)

4) Pandora. 

As long as my school has wi-fi, I will have Pandora. And as long as I have Pandora, Greenday, David Guetta, and Adele, I will stay alive. And it’s a good thing to be alive :)





P.S.   OH! And thank you thank you thank you guys!!

I have just had my 500th view of all time and I am SO stoked!

Thank you for telling your peeps and now I am on Facebook @ SydneyJoTo Blog!


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