VOLLEYBALL!!! (the horror??)

     So. Volleyball try-outs were today. Scary stuff :{ I’ve been practicing all summer… in my backyard. Not very effective. BUT, today my dad brought me to our church gym, and we set up the net, and had probably the best practice of my entire life. And not a soul was there except for my dad… and Landon. But he was playing with toys in the corner the whole time so he doesn’t count.

     Anyway, I stayed in shorts the whole day… couldn’t stop  thinking about try-outs. I’d been to open gym once before so I somewhat knew the coach… but what would the girls be like?

     I was pleasantly surprised when I got there early, made a friend, went inside, warmed up, and did pretty darn GOOD!!!

     So the moral of the story is just when you’re at your lowest point, and you think that no matter how many times you practice that overhand serve, or that measure, or that pass, or… ANYTHING!.. practice one more time, and give it your all. Trust me… I KNOW.



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