Summer’s On it’s Deathbed

It seems just last week I was on stage, calling off the winner of the “Block H” award, in my gown, looking out into a sea of blue- swaddled teens, and a crowd of proud parents with blow-horns and flower leis, taking a million pictures… the final “and I give you, your 8th grade class of 2011!” . And that was it.

Two years of crap-fest over and freedom bells chiming, we yelled and whooped and hollered, not for school to end but for summer to be born. Nobody held a worry for the next scary school years to come, no. They cheered for YOU summer, and your birth.

Now here you are… dying. I savour every hour of boredom, every minute of laziness, and every second of unforgettable fun. The memories you handed to me, the millions of laughs we had… thank you for the tan, the sprinklers and the HEAT! Thank you because we loved it all…




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