How to Have a Kick-Ass Memorial Service

CW: Death in the family This weekend was my Grandma Jo’s funeral. Now, I need you to believe me when I say that her memorial service was everything but funeral potatoes, and a sea of solemn faces. Most people wore either diamonds, some form of glitter, or animal prints. A handful of kids wore Halloween… Continue reading How to Have a Kick-Ass Memorial Service

Exploring Utah Lake

Cameron and I had a bad case of Cabin Fever last week. We've been working from home together for the last 3 months after moving to Utah this summer, and have been trying to get out and explore our new home more. It's tough though. Something about living and working in the "cabin" (our 2… Continue reading Exploring Utah Lake

You could use some Rainbow Sherbet

How are you? Are you hanging in there? I wanted to share this video to start this post because well... just watch it. In "The Book" by Alan Watts he writes, "Just as true humor is laughter at oneself, true humanity is knowledge of oneself". These times are truly astounding, and I think it's funny how… Continue reading You could use some Rainbow Sherbet

An open letter to my friends and family – I Love you, Let’s Vote Blue!

I am from a generation that believes in rainbows and spectrums; more than two genders, more than two political parties, more than 7.5 billion ways of doing the “right” thing. Truth and light in more than 1 religion, you get it. Ruthless tolerance and love that makes the bully into a friend by taking her… Continue reading An open letter to my friends and family – I Love you, Let’s Vote Blue!

A Graduate’s Thoughts on Graduating in a Pandemic

A few months ago, the only thing about graduation I was really looking forward to was the dinner... maybe thrifting a cute dress. Taking pictures with my friends. A barbecue in someone's backyard. Pretty much all of the traditional social reinforcement that comes from celebratory events like graduations. It's not why I pushed through 5… Continue reading A Graduate’s Thoughts on Graduating in a Pandemic

The gentle forest.

Mild Trigger Warning: Emotional Triggers, Generational Trauma If the mind is a forest, then my stream of consciousness is a river cutting down the middle. The nutrient rich deposits the river brings wake me up, bring meaning, and are as key to my health as my beating heart. The river shapes the forest, and brings… Continue reading The gentle forest.